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Written By: kathybagioni

Having fun with art has been a lifelong passion.

Crayons and paint gave way to fabrics.  Although I started quilting in the early 60’s, it wasn’t until I joined a quilt guild in 1984 that I began a serious addiction to quilting.  I have perfected my skills, learned from some great people, and won many local, regional, and national awards.      All along the way it has been a way to have fun and make beautiful things.

Making clerical vestments is another step in this process.   You can see this work at www.kdbvestments.com.

Now I am back to paint and crayons, layering fabric with paper, and experimenting with stitching instead of pencil lines.   Seems the circle is coming around as my fiber art pieces push at the line between “quilt” and “art”.

Born and raised in beautiful New England, I am a through and through  Connecticut Yankee.  The region’s heart-stopping fall color  is probably one factor in my love of the many shades of orange.

I have one sibling, a talented artist in his own right.

My three children never really caught the quilting bug so my stash remains safe.   One of my daughters does sew in a very Zen-like way.  She rarely bothers to measure or use patterns.   It works for her.

Now a grandmother I have new opportunities to play with crayons and stickers and making messes for fun.

I hope that these pages help you in your journey to have fun with art, whatever your medium.


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