kathy bagioni

Color outside the lines . . .


Written By: kathybagioni



Quilt blocks become puzzles!

Bold and bright and full of hidden squares or triangles.   How many can you find?  Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not, and sometimes it only seems easy but can be very complicated.

My mixed media collages are mounted on wooden blocks.   Approximately 5  inches x 5  inches x 1 1/2 inches and heavily varnished.   They can be hung on the wall, set on a shelf, or used as a paperweight.   Each puzzle has it’s solution on the back.

COMING SOON  – A complete explanation of each design  and a worksheet to use while trying out your solution to the puzzle.

Have fun with my colorful quilt block puzzles.

Have a favorite color combination or school colors you want to match?  

I can customize one or a set of several puzzles to your specifications.

Contact me.