Chance favors the prepared mind.   Louis Pasteur

This acrylic painting was a recent happy accident . . . a definite keeper.

Acrylic paint is my newest medium . . . and my newest learning experience.  I love the color, the way it fills the white space, and the way it blends.  I don’t love the cost of buying new supplies.  Who does?   It should come as no surprise to my friends that I am a “frugal painter”.  I dislike seeing the leftover paints wash down the sink when I clean up.  I try to use them up as much as possible.

To avoid this waste I usually take the leftover paints and spread them across blank sheets of mixed media paper or watercolor paper I keep nearby.  The resulting colored paper I can cut up and use in more collages.

Scraped with a palette knife.

Try some of these suggestions to have fun:

  • Add retarder to the colors on your palette to rejuvenate paint that might have started to dry out.
  • Mist the watercolor paper – LIGHTLY – and watch how the colors flow into each other.
  • Mist the paper and add a very little of the color to make a wash.
  • Use a palette knife to scrape color across the page.
  • Scraped with a credit card across the page.

    Use an old credit card/gift card to scrape colors across the page.  (This is one of my favorite techniques because 140 lb/cold-pressed watercolor paper has such a nice texture.)

  • Use the palette knife or gift card edge to place lines in the wet paint.
  • Use rubber stamps/erasers/thumb prints to leave texture across the wet paint.
  • Misting the page can produce a wash.

Once in a while the result is something I like so much I don’t think I will be cutting it up into little bits for collage.  Happy accidents are gifts from the universe.   Just say “thank you” and enjoy.

This new learning experience is just so much fun!

Hope this helps you . . . enjoy!



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