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How to make pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin

Your Halloween pumpkin can become your made-from-scratch Thanksgiving pumpkin pie in three easy steps.  Here’s how. Put the washed and dried pumpkin on a sturdy cutting board.  With a large, sharp knife cut through one side.  (If the rind is very thick or hard you may need to tap the back side of the knife […]

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Quick tips to sewing hems on jeans

An excellent tutorial on how to sew hems on jeans is available here. I would like to add several suggestions. In this photo regular default stitching is on the left, slightly elongated stitching is in the center, and triple stitching is shown on the right. Denim needles or at the very least 90/14 needles are […]

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Serger thread works well for many uses, but not all

Serger thread can be a boon for the sewer, and not just for serging. Serger thread or cone thread (because it comes wound on cone-like spools, of course) is a thinner, two ply thread meant for use in home sergers. It has only two strands of thread wound together unlike the more common three-ply thread […]

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Copyright Info for Artists

A member of a mailing I read just posted this link to the Journal of Biocommunication special issue about copyright and its protection for artists.   This is a publication that serves the medical illustration community.   But don’t worry.   Copyright issues cross all mediums, including textile, of course.   From the publisher’s comments: “Our current SPECIAL ISSUE […]

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An easy way to make your own oversize French Curve

French curves come in all sizes but not big enough for this project. A large design like the one I am currently working on is almost all curves. The best way to smooth them out is to use a French curve. Remember how great it worked on the small drawing? I make my own French […]

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Felted wool – a great fabric for quilting and banners

A friend recently asked me if I still use felted wool. The answer is a resounding, “YES”. I still use it, search for wool for it in suitable colors (always on the lookout for great greens BTW), and felt it. It is my fabric of choice for applique motifs. I never use craft felt on […]

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